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Even the best supervisors, managers and executives write poor resumes. When the time comes to review alternative career plans, or to follow up on exciting career opportunities, most candidates are ill-prepared to write an effective resume. Many spend hours trying to design the best format and then wonder, all modesty aside, how best to describe their life in the business world and summarize their education, experience, skills and achievements. is the only Professional Resume Writing Service that specializes exclusively in assisting candidates prepare a more effective resume to apply for Jobs in Logistics, Supply Chain, Transportation and Distribution Management. The service is offered at a very reasonable price.

There are many resume writing services available. Very few recognize or understand the fundamentals of Logistics, or what employers and recruiters are looking for when reviewing a candidate's resume. launched this service at the request of scores of Job Seekers. was the first career and recruiting board to specialize exclusively in the niche field of Logistics. Staffed by professionals with senior Logistics executive experience, and now in its third year, is the largest and most effective Logistics Career Board on the Internet, listing more quality Jobs in Logistics Management than even

With more than 20,000 registered Logistics Job Seekers, attracts the leading companies and recruiters to this site to search for the top talent in the industry. Unfortunately, many resumes do not accurately reflect the caliber of the Candidates.
Some Candidates have received job offers within 3 weeks of posting their resumes. Some equally qualified candidates have yet to receive even an interview. The resume format and content plays a significant role in these decisions. Whereas an excellent resume does not guarantee an interview or job offer, a poorly constructed resume will likely preclude these events from happening.

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