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Your Resume has a 20 Second Shelf-life!
Most recruiters perform a "first pass" to narrow down applications to a "short list" of resumes to review in greater detail.
Your resume has approximately 20 seconds to impress.

Does your resume pass the Recruiters' 20 second Checklist?

1. Is the format well presented and professional in appearance?
2. Are the sentences grammatically correct with NO typos or spelling errors?
3. Does the resume suffer from verbosity, brevity, undue modesty or amateur league status?
4. Has the candidate developed the necessary skills and knowledge to do the job?
5. Has the candidate acquired the necessary managerial experience and responsibilities?
6. Does the candidate have the required educational background?
7. Does the candidate indicate sufficient outstanding achievements that are pertinent to the open position?
8. Does the resume exude the pizzazz, quality and excitement to stand out in a crowd?

Eight out of eight and your resume makes the cut. The recruiter will conduct a more detailed review to ensure you have ALL the necessary job requirements, management style and personality to fit into the corporate structure.

Will your resume make the cut?

YOU DECIDE. Is your future career worth the relatively small investment to better market yourself to future employers and recruiters?

If so,

Tips and Topics
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