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Selecting the Relevant Career Boards
The Internet has become the major medium for companies and recruiters to post jobs and for seekers to find careers. In just a few short years, Career boards have revolutionized the recruiting industry. Yet, for some, this is all too new.
Here are a few tips on searching for jobs on the Internet.

tens of thousands of career boards on the Internet, it can be time consuming to select the relevant boards for your profession.

There are essentially three kinds of Job Boards:
Corporate Boards Generalist Boards Niche Job Boards

Corporate Boards
Most major companies now maintain a site on the Internet. These are usually designed as PR billboards and opportunities to advertise their products and services. But,
more and more companies are now listing open job positions on their sites to attract qualified candidates. Unfortunately, many of these sites are not controlled by the Human resources departments and many open jobs are not listed, and listed jobs may be out of date. Still, it is always worthwhile checking the websites of any company you may be targeting.

Generalist Boards
These are dominated by three giants,, and These boards list hundreds of thousands of jobs for every conceivable position in the workforce and are visited by millions of seekers. This is a benefit and a curse. With so many jobs to choose from, they cater to the masses. It can be very difficult and time consuming to wade through a multitude of irrelevant jobs to find appropriate positions. It is also frustrating for recruiters to find the ideal candidates as hundreds of unqualified seekers apply for positions regardless of required experience, skills or location.

Niche Job Boards
Niche sites
specialize in a particular industry, profession or geographical region. Leading niche boards include, for the Logistics, Supply Chain, Transportation and Distribution professions, for the Retail Industry, for the Hispanic Community, for IT/Systems Professionals and for the San Francisco region. Niche Job Boards target market their specialty and tend to attract the best jobs and the top talent.

Using More Than One Board
It is advisable to
review jobs on several boards. Use keywords on a search to describe the type of position you seek. Click into the list of boards and do a job Search. How easy is it to navigate around the site? Is the search engine fast enough? Can you search by different criteria, such as job category, location, salary and keywords to quickly hone in on the relevant positions? Does the job board provide a job alert e-mail, such as Job Dispatcher on, which informs you of all new jobs that meet your search criteria? Can you easily apply on line for the positions? Can you post your resume and let the recruiters find you?

Are the Job Boards Credible?
thousands of Job boards on the Internet and new ones starting up weekly, you need to assess and avoid those that are a waste of time. There are many "wannabes", but only a few established boards. The easiest test for relevance is to check out the number of jobs on the board that meet your particular profession. If the job board has hundreds of recent positions for your profession, then Bookmark that site and revisit regularly. A quick check is to conduct a broad search, such as all positions in the USA or Canada that meet broad criteria. If only a handful of jobs surface, then move on. Don't waste your time posting your resume.

Tips and Topics
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