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Applying for Jobs on the Internet
The leading Job Boards have made it very easy for Job Seekers to apply for positions. Sometimes, too easy.

In the olden days (about three or four years ago), many companies and recruiters advertised their open positions in newspapers and trade magazines. These ads were highly cryptic, due to the enormous cost of print space and
Candidates had to send their resume by snail mail. In contrast, leading Job Boards allow Employers and Recruiters ample space to fully describe the job opportunities and necessary qualifications. Applications can now be made instantaneously, either with a copy and paste technique, or if the candidate has a resume on the job Board, the resume can be transmitted over the Internet by simply filling in a username and password.

Some sites even offer to mass-Email your resume to hundreds, thousands, or even
hundreds of thousands of Employers and Recruiters for a fee. One must wonder how many of those Employers and Recruiters changed their E-mail address to stop receiving hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of irrelevant resumes.

The ability to dispatch dozens of resumes to a whole variety of employers and recruiters has its downside. On generalist boards, recruiters are flooded with non qualified desperate people, hoping that their job working in a bicycle repair shop will qualify them for an industrial engineer position. Accordingly, with insufficient time to review every resume, many recruiters fail to respond to all applicants, which in turn frustrates the Job Seekers.

To rectify this unfortunate turn of events, we suggest that Job Seekers adhere to certain etiquette when applying for positions.

1. Only apply for jobs for which you are qualified
With the ease of applying for jobs online, many candidates will apply for positions way above their qualifications and experience.
Don't waste your time or the time of the recruiter. There are many highly qualified candidates applying for these same positions. If you are ambitious and know that you can reach a higher level of responsibility (and salary), seek a company within which you can demonstrate your abilities, to get promoted to that coveted position.

If the job states that the candidate must have certain experience, skills or education requirements, don't apply unless you meet these criteria. If the job states that certain qualifications are desirable, then give it a shot if you meet all other qualifications.
2. Do not apply for "Local Candidate Only" jobs if they are located outside your commuting distance
Believe it or not, the company will not make an exception for you, even though you may have all the correct qualifications.
For these types of positions, the recruiter expects to find plenty of highly qualified candidates within commuting distance. Accordingly the employers are not prepared to provide relocation funds, nor to foot the bill for travel expenses to interview out-of-towners. So, don't apply!
3. Do not expect a company to provide visa sponsorship for regular logistics jobs
Although sponsorship opportunities are available in the health service and information technology fields, there are few opportunities in the logistics field. Most of these jobs can be adequately filled with US and Canadian candidates. Check out the job carefully. Unless the position requires a unique and unusual technical background, or the ability to travel or relocate to foreign locations and/or speak in foreign tongues, then it is highly unlikely that the recruiter will sponsor foreign candidates.
In addition, if the job states that visa sponsorship is not available, then unless you are legally qualified to work in the USA or Canada, don't apply.
4. Avoid sending multiple resumes to the same recruiter's E-mail
If a job is listed in many locations, it is not necessary to apply for each location. The recruiter will review your resume, and if it makes the cut, alternative locations will be considered. Also, if the recruiter is listing several different types of jobs, choose the one or two that most suit your career aspirations. When the recruiter reviews you resume, you will likely be considered for other jobs that may be available now or in the future. But repeatedly sending your resume to the same recruiter implies that you are desperate and applying to any and all jobs. You have just lost all credibility.
In summary, it is not a good move to annoy recruiters by carpet bombing their e-mail address.
5. Follow the instructions on how to apply for each job
Although most jobs can be applied for online, some recruiters insist on an E-mail with a Word Document attachment, or the use of their own Automated Tracking System (ATS).
Read carefully and follow the yellow brick road.
6. Have a copy-paste-friendly version of your resume.
In spite of the wonders of standardization, the Internet does not recognize many of the fineries of Word. Thus,
a well written resume in Word, with neatly centered headers, bolding, and bullet lists, converts to drab misaligned text with strange codes such as &61623; or Greek letters. Not a pretty sight!
A copy-paste-friendly version is provided FREE with any resume service obtained from

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